How the Insurance Claims Process Works

1)  We inspect your loss.

2)  You will receive a Public Adjuster Agreement to review and sign. After this is received from you as required by state law, we will direct your insurance company representative to contact us regarding your claim. It is best for us to handle the correspondence with them. This gives you freedom to be involved in your claim as much or as little as you choose. We will keep you informed of all pertinent correspondence.

3)  We will need a copy of your full policy, including the declaration page, endorsements and all the fine print that came with it. We review your policy and any claim documents; then verify your coverage allowing us to apply the full scope of your policy to your claim. Please note that it must be the policy that was in place on the date of the loss. If you do not have this, we will obtain it from your carrier.

4)   We review your insurance company’s correspondence and damage estimate(s). If you have any estimates from a contractor, we will need their estimates, invoices, and receipts that you have received. We will also need copies of all the receipts received for any temporary repairs and clean up costs.

5) We will supply an inventory sheet for you to complete of all your damaged contents. If possible, provide us with copies of purchase receipts or copies of the cover page of owner’s manuals, as well as model and serial numbers of major items and any quotes you have received if the items are repairable.


6)  We will require copies of all photos of the damage you have taken. If only a few pictures, they can be emailed. If the quantity of photos is large, you will need to mail us a CD, or we can make arrangements to pick them up. Also, check with any neighbors who may have taken any relevant photos.

7)During your claim process we ensure all policy guidelines and procedures are carefully observed, that  all damage assessments are thorough and accurate.  We then compile the total information for your claim and complete our estimates for all damages, and ensure deadlines for filing critical information are met. Then we begin negotiations with your carrier.

8)  We will either achieve a satisfactory settlement, or if necessary, begin an Appraisal/Umpire option, and if further assistance is required, refer you to seek legal counsel.

9) Upon final achievement of a correct settlement, you can begin, or finalize your repairs.  We will be available after the settlement to answer any further questions you may have.