Specialist Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging, Engineer

ACRUX LLC works with Professional Inspectors and Engineers to provide the highest quality of forensic engineering and expert witness services available. This service includes hurricane damage assessment, roof damage assessment, fire damage structural assessments, foundation collapse and assessment, vibration cause and origin, buildings defects, construction defects, design problem in steel and concrete, structural peer review of contract documents and specification, thermal imaging, infrared inspections, thermography, roof thermal imaging, building infrared surveys

Our team of experienced professionals offer the following areas of expertise:

  • bulletBuilding Defects & structural problems
  • bulletCollapse & Insurance Claims and Reports
  • bulletCondition Assessments buildings
  • bulletStructural Engineering
  • bulletForensic Engineering
  • bulletBuilding Collapse assessment
  • bulletStructural engineers design & analysis
  • bulletRoof leaks surveys
  • bulletBuilding construction defects
    bulletBuilding inspections
  • bulletSecond Opinion Inspections for Dispute Resolution
    bulletExpert Witness & Testimonial
    bulletThermal Imaging
    bulletInfrared Inspection
    bulletThermography of large buildings, industries, plants
    bulletThermal Imaging electrical systems
    bulletInfrared Imaging Mechanical systems
    bulletThermography chemical, petroleum, industries
    bulletInfrared Surveys boats, thermal imaging electrical panels
  • We provide structural damage assessment reports, structural engineering, forensic engineering & infrared thermal imaging, thermography professional reports to insurance, builders, architects, structural engineers, engineering consultants, natural disasters and failures due to under design. We also provide estimates for repairs based on original values. Whether the collapse is due to a design fault missing design reinforcement or overstressing, we can provide you reports that define the real problem.

    As a separate service these items are provided at a contract or hourly rate.  Many times if the claims are taken to a legal resolution process, these claims can be rolled into the legal fees supplied by your legal counsel.

  • ACRUX LLC is here to support you through the entire Special Inspections process to help you to achieve the maximum insurance recovery. 

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