Mission Statement
ACRUX LLC is a public insurance adjusting company with 34 years of construction and remodeling experience in commercial and residential properties.

We were established with the idea of helping people in mind. We are the community’s advocate in their times of need.

We see people confronted with the life changing challenges of dealing with Mother Nature at her most violent, when disaster strikes at your home or business, we are there for you.  Whether it is a Hurricane, Tornado, Windstorm, Fire, Flood, Hail, Water Damage, Explosion, Theft or Vandalism we can ease the burdens created in the wake left behind.  We eliminate the hassles and headaches associated with your insurance claim. We can help with your new claims as well as any previous claims you feel were/are deficient or unsatisfactory previous claims.

We find all the damages present, not just the superficial exterior damages seen with the naked eye.  We are experts and have affiliated Professional Inspectors, Engineers, Legal Professionals and other professional personnel available to help us in making sure you receive full compensation for your claim. We get you more money for your claim, to ensure you are completely restored and compensated for your loss.

We are here to help and will act as your resource for all of your questions and concerns.

ACRUX LLC is here for you, give us a call, we're here to help.

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