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A Public Insurance Adjuster advocates your interests in negotiations with your insurance company in the settlement of your claim under your insurance policy. The insurance company’s representative, or Insurance Adjuster (IA), is responsible for fulfilling the insurance company's obligations and works for the insurance company.  The burden of proof is on the insured, not the insurance company.  It is up to you to describe the  loss in detail and then you must prove that the loss occurred.  Our Public Adjusters help you with this burden of proof from start to finish.

Texas Statues governing Public Adjusters 
Insurance Code 4102 - Public Adjusters

Many service companies, contractors, will arrive to offer you assistance and will have answers to all of your problems.  Many times they will be honest, but not know the proper laws and procedures required to handle your claim. Realize that only the insured, a salaried employee, an attorney, or a Public Insurance Adjuster can handle the claim.  If a contractor offers to handle your claim for you check to make sure they are licensed as a Public Insurance Adjuster.

You can check with the Texas Department of Insurance to confirm they hold the proper licenses.

ACRUX LLC’s public insurance adjusters support you through the entire claim process to achieve the maximum insurance recovery you deserve.    

ACRUX LLC is here for you, give us a call, we're here to help.


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