Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning Defined

Contingency planning can be defined as the actions taken to address the loss of a specific key process, personnel or resources, such as a critical piece of equipment or property  while allowing for the continuity of key operations. It typically does not include every action required for full recovery of the organization or person, but does allow for a faster and more satisfactory recovery.  Allowing the business to survive the disastrous happenstance.  Risk identification is the process of identifying risks by considering business objectives, threats and vulnerabilities as the basis for further analysis.  Through analysis we appropriately identify and categorize risks, estimate the probability of each risk and estimate the impact of each risk specific to your company or your lifestyle.

Appropriately responding to a crisis when it occurs requires careful preliminary planning so that procedure guides your response and not  your emotions.  ACRUX, LLC has affiliates to help you to prepare a response plan so that when the unexpected occurs, you, your team or your family completely understands what needs to happen and who is responsible for each task.  Critical tasks such as command and control, life safety, employee and customer communication and/or family needs are planned in detail to eliminate the unexpected in times of disaster.

Business and personal recovery after a disaster has struck can be a daunting task.  In fact, almost half of the businesses that do suffer a significant interruption will never recover!  What happens in the 30 days following your disaster is critical!  We provide the tools necessary to build a viable contingency plan. Proper insurance policy design, business impact analysis, return time objectives, recovery teams, data recovery, permits, zoning, approvals and building code issues are some topics addressed.  Upon completion of your Contingency Plan, you will have the framework necessary to restore your critical business operations and/or your family’s day to day functions. 

We will also provide you an understanding of the "cycle of planning." This ensures your Contingency Plan stays accurate and up to date. Through the understanding and use of structured walk-through tests, checklist tests, tabletop exercises and full-scale simulation testing, you will learn how to make sure your plan always reflects your current business or personal realities.

As a separate service these items are provided at a contract or hourly rate. 

ACRUX LLC is here to support you through the entire Contingency Planning process to help you to achieve the maximum Peace of Mind about your disaster recovery.   

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