Complete Policy Analysis

Your policy is a contract with your insurance company which can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.  Even the simplest of policies can be confusing.  When dealing with the parameters of your policy and evaluation of the terms of coverage; items such as actual cash value, ACV, or replacement cost value, RCV, you must approach  the loss evaluation with care to ensure a full and proper settlement.  Without a complete understanding of insurance terminology and the active policy during the loss, misunderstanding can be made.  These misunderstandings can lead to the insured paying more than they should in a claim. Many times, items missed due to these misunderstandings should have been covered by the insurance company.  Usually, this leaves the home owner or business owner paying for aspects of their recovery that are clearly the responsibility of the insurance company. This can be avoided, to the benefit of the home owner or business owner, if both parties have a professional understanding of the processes involved.  Allow our professionals to help you.

ACRUX LLC. offers:

bulletA comprehensive review of your policy

  • bulletAn evaluation of your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the carrier
  • bulletAssistance in complying with your policy's requirements, such as mitigating further damage and being aware of time limitations
  • bulletTo work with you in development of  a proactive claim management strategy that maximizes your financial recovery
  • bulletA thorough evaluation of your loss, carefully researching, detailing and substantiating every aspect of your claim, including building damage, contents, business interruption, and extra expense claims, establishing items value, documenting and substantiating every detail claimed
  • bulletAn itemized claim package to your insurer and negotiations on your behalf with your insurance company
  • bulletTo work as your advocate at all inspections, meetings and appraisals with your insurance company, ACRUX LLC will keep you informed every step of the way;

    Our public adjusters support you through the entire claim process to achieve the maximum insurance recovery, due you.    

    ACRUX LLC is here for you, give us a call, we're here to help.   

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